Int’l Mother Language Day with SFA: A Tribute to the Legacy of the Language Movement

Join Smile for All (SFA) in celebrating International Mother Language Day on February 21st, 2023. This day holds significant importance in Bangladesh as it marks the beginning of the country’s independence movement in 1952 and pays tribute to those who fought for the recognition of Bangla as the official language.

The main event will be a Wreath-laying ceremony at the Shaheed Minar Memorial in Daultpur, Kushtia, where we will pay homage to the language movement martyrs and honor their legacy.

In addition to the wreath-laying ceremony, there will be a variety of cultural and literary programs, including poetry recitations, music performances, and speeches, to showcase the richness and diversity of the Bangla language and culture.

SFA will also be organizing processions and parades in the streets of Daulatpur to raise awareness about the significance of the language movement and the importance of preserving and promoting linguistic diversity. These events provide an opportunity for people to come together and show their support for the Bangla language.

To further educate people about the history of the language movement and its impact on the country, SFA will be conducting educational events, such as seminars and discussions.

We encourage everyone to join us in celebrating this special day and to show their support for the Bangla language. Follow us on social media and use the hashtag #InternationalMotherLanguageDay for more information and updates.

Together, let us celebrate the rich history and cultural heritage of Bangladesh.

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