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SFA 21 February Program : Free Blood Grouping Camp

SFA 21 February Program : Free Blood Grouping Camp

Although February is a month of mourning for the martyrs of Ekushey, the day is celebrated with utmost affection due to the glorious chapter of self-sacrifice and self-awakening. On this day, Kushtia’s voluntary organization Smile for All SFA celebrated the day by paying tribute to the martyrs by laying wreaths and conducting free blood group tests. 

The organization laid a wreath at the central Shaheed Minar in Daulatpur upazila of Kushtia early in the morning. Meanwhile, paying homage to the martyrs, the organization conducted their 15th free blood grouping campaign in the upazila. In this way, the organization gives free blood group test to the people who come to pay their respects to the martyrs.

SFA Blood Soldiers, the blood sector of the organization, has been encouraging people to donate blood for free blood tests since 2016 under the slogan “৩০ লক্ষ শহীদের রক্তে অর্জিত যেই দেশ সেই দেশের মানুষকে রক্তের অভাবে মারা যেতে দিতে পারি না”.

Al Bukhari Bukhari Anik, president of the central branch of the organization, Mahmudul Hasan Sohag, vice president, Mehdi Hasan Antar, general secretary, Mahmud Shimul, coordinator of Daulatpur branch and other responsible members and volunteers were present from the organization. The Daulatpur Union branch of the organization has been working from the very beginning to implement and make the event a success.

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